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Shiatsu Massage is a Japanese healing therapy that was developed as a combination of Chinese Massage called Anma, key aspects of traditional Chinese Medicine and the theory of Shizuto Masunaga. The word Shiatsu can be translated as “finger pressure”. During a session the therapist applies comfortable, sustained pressure to various parts of the body in order to help life energy or “chi/qi” flow properly. Qi flows along pathways referred to as Meridian lines. The therapist works on a Meridian line to improve blood flow, muscle tonus and posture. Shiatsu is applied using the thumbs, fingers, palms, forearms and elbows. The goal of Shiatsu is to trigger the body’s own natural healing powers to help restore vitality and prevent disease by harmonizing the body, mind and spirit.

Shiatsu and other Oriental therapies, like acupuncture, have very unique ways of looking at the body. In Shiatsu we do not diagnose a person but rather the signs and symptoms of disease along with observations, medical history and what is felt in the body during a treatment. The findings are used to understand the personalized pattern of how the condition came to be. The Zen Shiatsu theory is that every organ in the body has an energy pathway that runs along the torso, arms and legs. This gives the advantage of helping any local discomfort as well as balancing the energy of specific organs distally. Remember that you remain fully clothed, so come prepared with comfortable, loose clothing. Your therapist will communicate with you at all times to ensure the pressure is comfortable for you.


Suikodo is a manual technique developed by Shiatsu Master Mitsuki Kikkawa. It is a new and innovative therapy. It includes gentile, precise movements that link into the body’s innate wisdom and healing capacity. An ideal treatment when strong pressure is to be avoided. Great for releasing all kinds of pain and tension.


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