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Although the word pollution conjures up images of oil spills and smokestacks spewing toxic chemicals into the air, the fact is we are exposed to subtle sources of pollution every day. Our day-to-day pollutants don’t get the same sort of news coverage as oil and toxic chemical spills, but they can produce long-term health problems for some people.


Why Test for Pollutants?

  • Environmental pollutants are found everywhere.
  • The toxic effects of environmental pollutants are associated with many common health concerns.
  • An environmental pollutants panel helps determine the pollutants you have the most exposure to – information you can use to minimize future exposure.


Symptoms related to environmental pollutants

A single large exposure to a known environmental toxin can have immediate health effects, and might even be considered a medical emergency. However, long-term exposure to how levels of environmental pollutants produces more vague symptoms, making the cause more difficult to determine. Symptoms associated with environmental pollution include:

  • Irritation of eyes, nose and throat; skin rashes and other skin irritations
  • Effects on the central nervous system including impaired thing and movement
  • Disrupted hormone function
  • Headaches, nausea, anxiety or depression
  • Fatigue and drowsiness


Where are environmental pollutants found?

  • Parabens are found in skin products and foods
  • Phthalates are found in plastics
  • Volatile organic compounds are found in many household products

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