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Now, Wei’s Nature Health Clinic could provide Saliva hormone testing, which is excellent at uncovering hormone imbalance.

Interactions between the five hormones of the female pane are fundamental to health, which means hormone imbalance may negatively impact well-being.

  • Weight Gain: High levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, can cause unstable blood sugars and may increase sugar cravings.
  • Depression/Difficulty Coping/Irritability: 2 of 3 of women who self-report ed depression or difficulty coping and 7 of 10 who reported irritability had at least one hormone out of range.
  • Sleep Disturbances: High or low levels of cortisol may affect sleep, as may low levels of estradiol.
  • Hot Flashes: Having too little estrogen can be associated with hot flashes, but so can supplementing with too much estrogen.
  • Bone Loss: Testosterone and estradiol help build bone, while high cortisol tends to break down bone.
  • Breast Cancer: A common pattern of hormone imbalance shows up in women with breast cancer.

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