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Endymed is the manufacturer of this gold micro-needle device, headquartered in Israel. The research results of Israeli medical beauty manufacturers in the field of radio frequency are very cutting-edge and excellent, and endymed has its own 3D radio frequency patent and has also obtained FDA and CFDA approval, safety and therapeutic effect are unquestionable. Why is it called gold microneedling? Because the treatment handpiece has 25 gold-coated microneedles, a sterile handpiece is disposable, with a total of 1,000 rounds, which can only be used for one person.

Endymed gold microneedle is the latest phased radio frequency microneedle. It adopts 3DEEP's patented phased radio frequency technology. In addition, it has innovations in needle and emission modes. It is the most technologically superior gold microneedle on the market. First, let me introduce the principle to you:

Multi-source phase control 3DEEP technology

Multiple sets of electrodes (phase control) are simultaneously controlled by multiple radio frequency transmitters (multi-source) to generate multiple magnetic fields, making the energy more effective and concentrated in the deep dermis, rapidly stimulating collagen tissue regeneration, making the skin firm and younger, and achieve long-lasting results. The energy penetrates deeper, and it is more effective for deep heating of the dermis, and the energy flowing through the epidermis is very small, so it will not burn, and it does not need to be cooled, so it is very safe. It is the most advanced radio frequency treatment technology.

Introduction of gold microneedling:

Gold microneedle is the ingenious combination of microneedle and radio frequency. The word "gold" originates from the gold coating of the microneedle body, and the outer coating of the microneedle is also golden yellow. Microneedles only transmit radiofrequency energy through the epidermis, which will not vaporize the epidermis, nor cause epidermal degeneration and necrosis to form crusts, and has no epidermal peeling effect. It can stimulate the regeneration and rearrangement of dermal collagen and elastin with focal thermal and biological effects. Regarding the gold microneedle equipment, the most widely used are Bodytite and Endymed. Endymed gold microneedle is the latest 3DEEP phase-controlled radio frequency microneedle. In addition, there are innovations in needle and emission modes, which are the most advanced technology in gold microneedle on the market. The most advantageous, but because the machine is more expensive, the technology is relatively new, and it entered the market late, the penetration rate is lower than that of Bodytite, but the effect is better!

Golden Micro Needle Treatment Experience

Gold micro-needling has a very comprehensive effect. It has a certain effect on improving the skin texture of pores and acne, firming and lifting, and there is no recovery period, no need to stop work after surgery, you can see people immediately, and the probability of pigmentation is very small.