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The latest "New Second-Generation Ultra-Picosecond Laser PicoWay" application has a firing speed 1000 times faster than ordinary lasers. It can fire more energy in a short time, improve spots, skin aging, and tattoos, and the fast energy stays on the skin for a short time. , which greatly reduces the thermal injury and the probability of anti-blackening after surgery, opening a revolutionary situation for the medical beauty industry. The picosecond laser was hyped up by the news media, and the biggest pusher was "Fan Ye", because she was directly attacked by the media and appeared in a Taiwan medical beauty clinic. Later, another doctor alleged that Fan Bingbing made a picosecond laser with an energy speed of "laser". The Ferrari of the World", once again set off a discussion.

Answer 1: What is PicoWay?


The biggest feature of ultra-picosecond laser is its fast speed and the larger the instantaneous energy peak.

Answer 2: What problems can be improved?

Pigmentation, acne marks, wrinkles, tattoos

Answer 3: What is the difference between Picoway and Picosure?

In fact, both picoway and picosure use laser beams with energy to smash the pigmentation on the skin into tiny particles that are easily metabolized by the human body, and finally excreted from the body.

However, there is still a gap between PicoWay and PicoSure in terms of the principle of action and core technology.

The faster the PICOWAY speed, the smaller the thermal damage, the larger the shattered stain, and the shorter the recovery period

From the point of view of the principle of action: picoway has three wavelengths, namely 1064nm, 532nm, 785nm

Picosure only have 755nm wavelength

This shows that the treatment range of picoway is wider and more effective to solve more skin problems

Answer 4: Will there be color loss/color loss after use?

Previous Q-switched laser treatment of melasma appeared color loss and color loss mainly because after receiving multiple laser treatments, the number of melanosomes was greatly reduced, and the production of melanin was also over-inhibited.

There have been no cases of white discoloration spots in the PicoWay treatment of melasma. If a pigmented patch is compared to a rock, the traditional nanosecond Q-switched laser can blast the pigmented patch into the size of a pebble, while the picosecond laser can make the pigmented patch form fine sand, which is more easily metabolized by the body. The root cause of this difference is the speed of treatment. When the treatment speed is fast enough, it is like a bullet hitting the fruit, which can directly burst the fruit. However, because the traditional nanosecond laser is not so fast, it is like a bow and arrow. It shoots through the fruit and can only make the fruit at most Divide into two pieces. For lasers, the shorter the pulse width, the stronger the optical shock effect and the less thermal damage caused. PicoWay's 1064nm wavelength and 300ps ultra-short pulse width have very little thermal stimulation to surrounding tissues or cells during treatment. It can mainly confine the energy in the melanosome, without damaging the melanocytes, which greatly reduces the phenomenon of depigmentation/depigmentation. Not only is it safer in the treatment of melasma, but it can also ensure the effect of the treatment.

Answer 5: How does picoway laser achieve comprehensive skin rejuvenation?

Resolve holographic lattice technology has three wavelengths of 532nm, 785nm and 1064nm at the same time, which can precisely treat different levels of the skin. The instrument causes mechanical damage in the form of vacuoles in the epidermis and dermis through LIOBs (laser-induced optical breakdown effect) and LICs (laser-induced cavitation effect), respectively, but keeps the epidermis-dermis junction intact and does not cause excess coloration. From then on, the wound repair mechanism is activated, thereby promoting collagen regeneration and comprehensive skin rejuvenation. LIOB formation: The high-intensity focused laser enters the skin tissue, peels off the tissue through the plasma effect to form "vacuoles", and then causes a micro-inflammatory reaction in the surrounding tissue, stimulates fibroblasts, and produces more collagen to achieve skin rejuvenation and removal Anti-aging effect on wrinkled epidermis. Collagen neogenesis was detectable starting 30 days after irradiation and gradually stopped until 180 days later. Thus, it is confirmed that the treatment of picosecond laser can effectively promote collagen regeneration.

PicoWay Ultra-Picosecond Laser Principle "Picosecond" is a unit of 10-12 seconds, indicating the time of laser firing, and the energy speed is known as the "Ferrari of the laser world". At present, the firing speed of laser instruments can be roughly divided into the following four types:

1. 1ms (milliseconds) = 0.001 seconds = 10-3 seconds, mostly used for hair removal.

2. 1us (microseconds) = 0.000001 seconds = 10-6 seconds. Spot removal.

3. 1ns (nanoseconds) = 0.000000001 seconds = 10-9 seconds, mostly used for skin cleansing and spot removal.

4. 1ps (picoseconds) = 0.000000000001 seconds = 10-12 seconds, used for spot removal, tattoos, acne scars, etc.

300 picoseconds (ps), which may be the pulse width of the Q-switched laser with the shortest pulse width currently on the market. A picosecond (or ps) is an extremely tiny unit of time, a picosecond is only one trillionth of a second. In 300 picoseconds, even light can only travel 9 centimeters.

PicoWay Ultra Picosecond Laser Features :

1. Dual wavelengths: 1064nm and 532nm dual wavelengths are used, which are more suitable for Asian skin types.

2. The highest instantaneous energy: It has strong destructive power for pigment problems, and uses the light shock effect to reduce the side effects caused by thermal damage.

3. Short pulse time (ultra-picosecond): shorten the treatment time

Precautions after picoway treatment

【Moisturizing and cooling down】

1. During the treatment, the skin will experience a slight burning sensation; after the operation, there may be slight redness, swelling and tightness. Please strengthen the cold and wet compress to relieve it, and the redness of the treatment area will subside within about 24-48 hours;

2. It is normal for the skin to become dull or the pigment to deepen and agglomerate locally after treatment. Please strengthen moisturizing and sun protection;

3. After 4 hours of treatment, you can wash your face with cold water on the same day, and then you can apply makeup the next day. Use facial cleanser to gently cleanse normally, and do not rub the skin on the treatment area;

4. Local spots will form scabs, which will fall off naturally in about 3-7 days. Do not remove the scabs by yourself to avoid pigmentation;

5. The treatment of deep dermal spots requires the patient cooperation of the customer. With each treatment, it will be gradually faded by the metabolism of skin cells, and there is no need to hurry;

6. For those with sensitive or dry skin, there may be small rashes, dryness, itching, etc. after surgery, please strengthen iced moisturizing repair;

【One week after treatment】

7. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

8. Avoid using irritating and acid skin care products (such as: alcohol, fragrance, fruit acid, A acid, salicylic acid, VC, whitening ointment, etc.), whitening and firming skin care products, please use it after seven days;

9. The skin is sensitive and dry after the operation, please use professional medical beauty care products that are mild and can repair the skin;

10. Do not steam your face, and avoid entering and leaving high temperature places (such as hot springs, saunas, etc.);

【Diet and sunscreen work and rest】

11. Avoid eating irritating foods (such as wine, pepper, tea, etc.) and photosensitive foods (such as coriander, celery, nine-story pagoda, etc.) after surgery;

12. Please strengthen moisturizing and sun protection (at least SPF30 or above) during the course of treatment to achieve maximum effect. If you are indoors, you will be harmed by ultraviolet rays if you do not take sun protection measures;

13. Due to the dense distribution of melanin in the tattoo, it will absorb more energy. Therefore, it is normal to have blisters after treatment. Avoid rubbing the skin and follow the doctor's instructions. Do not break the blisters, so as not to leave scars. Affect skin repair;

14. The new concept of "liver protection and whitening" does not stay up late. Staying up late will affect the metabolism of skin and melanin, and increase the accumulation of melanin particles. Therefore, during the course of treatment, please fall asleep before 11 pm and drink plenty of water.