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What is Vbeam?

Vbeam is a "selective photothermal therapy" that uses laser light to absorb "OxyHemoglobin" in the blood into the target with the most appropriate 595nm light source, converting light energy into heat energy Destroy blood vessels, and secondly, pulse technology can make blood vessels heat more evenly, thereby improving microvascular hyperplasia, distiller's grains, hemangioma, red scars and shallow spots. In addition, the world-patented DCD cooling system can reduce the chance of bruising. It is a mature , safe laser treatment

Features of Vbeam

1. Do not apply anesthesia

2. Apply makeup immediately after surgery

3. No wound

Indications of Vbeam

Treatment of vascular lesions (eg: spider web hemangioma, rosacea, varicose veins of the feet, port wine stains, hemangioma, hand filaments), pigmented lesions (eg: pigmented spots, freckles, sunburn), and treatment of warts and scars .

Contraindications of Vbeam

Cancer, use of blood clotting agents, infectious diseases, inflammatory stages, phlebitis

Possible side effects after Vbeam treatment

A small number of patients may experience skin irritation, a slight redness, and a slight burning sensation, which usually resolves within a day.

Vbeam Treatment Time

About 1 to 2 hours, depending on the skin treatment condition.