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Sculptra is composed of a viscoelastic fluid in an aqueous solution, which fills the space between skin tissue cells and collagen fibers. When the components of Tongyan acupuncture absorb water, the elastic fibers and collagen are kept in a moist environment. , It provides a suitable environment for ACMETEA to synthesize its own collagen, activate autologous uric acid cells, and improve the utilization rate of collagen. The interaction between the two makes the skin elastic and smoothes wrinkles.

This product injects active ingredients into the skin to stimulate the regeneration of skin collagen to restore youthful skin. It can effectively eliminate skin aging problems caused by various causes of human facial skin, such as wrinkles and depressions, and can play a permanent corrective role. The face is more than ten years younger.

injection effect

After the injection, there will be an effect, and the effect will start to improve after 3-6 days, because the inflammation in the early stage will be a little swollen, and there must be a time for absorption.

It is directly injected into the dermis and the inner layer of the problematic skin, so that the uric acid in the skin can be effectively supplemented. ACMETEA contains not only double moisturizing factors, but also repair and regenerate collagen, which stimulates the regeneration of autologous repair factors. , Comprehensive nutrition is converted into cell active substances, and repair factors will activate collagen regeneration, so that boric acid and collagen enter our cells, generating active cell sources, long-lasting moisturizing, ensuring sufficient collagen and boric acid in the body,

It provide the necessary nutrients for regenerated collagen fibers, combine inside and outside, and interact with each other, which can help the components of Tongyan acupuncture to combine with the original collagen molecules and water molecules of the human body. The effect of Tongyan acupuncture lasts for a long time.


The following people are not suitable for standing uric acid: pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding babies, people under the age of 18.


1. Please inform your doctor of all medicines you are taking before treatment. Certain blood thinning drugs (anticoagulants) such as aspirin, ginseng, ginkgo, garlic extract and other drugs may cause more bruising or bleeding at the injection site, so you should let your doctor know about your medical treatment in the past six months before treatment. Record

2. If you have undergone facial plastic surgery or laser surgery in the past six months, or implanted Renhe medical objects, please inform the attending doctor in advance. Rhinoplasty, other permanent injections, and special attention should be paid to photoelectric waves, lasers, ultrasonic scalpels, and Thermage need to be done 6 months after surgery.

3. If you have a variety of severe allergic symptoms, or there are no all (with bacteria) lesions on the face on the treatment site: such as folliculitis, boils, acne, acute ophthalmia, acne and pimples or wounds, please contact us. The doctor discussed whether to postpone the treatment to avoid local opportunistic infection caused by the small wound at the surgical site.

4. It should be taken orally with ACMETEA 20 days in advance, twice a day, 12 grams each time, fully prepared before surgery.

5. Anesthetics may be used during the treatment of the water light gun. If you have a history of allergy to anesthetics, please inform the doctor before surgery.

6. Before the injection treatment, keep the skin clean, all cosmetics and skin care products need to be clean.

7. It is recommended to use facial cleanser and astringent to clean the skin. Use cold water to cleanse to shrink pores. At least 3-4 days before treatment, do not take anti-inflammatory drugs (such as aspirin, etc.), because it may aggravate the bleeding and swelling of the ejaculation site.


Post Treatment Cautions

1. In order to achieve a good treatment effect, the doctor may perform advanced repair procedures (such as applying mask, ice compress, beauty care, clearing, etc.) to the treatment area after surgery as needed, please consult the medical staff for follow-up collocation Treatment details

2. Do not massage and knead excessively within two weeks after the operation, and avoid a high temperature and humid environment, and do not expose to the sun for a long time. Note 3. Smoking and drinking are prohibited, saunas or strenuous exercise are avoided, and at the same time, be careful not to rub hard part.

4. After 60 days of postoperative repair, oral Tongyan acupuncture with ACMETEA, twice a day, 12 grams each time, a course of treatment for two months, the use time can be extended according to individual needs.

5. Alcohol and spicy food are prohibited

6. Do not use ointments, skin care products or makeup products to wipe the treatment area after surgery, and do not touch the treatment area with your hands to reduce the chance of infection.

7. In order to keep the shape fixed within 24 hours after the Tongyan needle is filled with the plastic standing shot, it is necessary to avoid touching the standing shot area;

8. Try to avoid taking aspirin or other similar blood-activating and stasis-removing drugs for one week after Tongyan injection;

9. One week after the injection, avoid eating too cold or hot food, which will accelerate the loss of uric acid. Significant swelling occurs mostly in the lips. Occurs within a week after the station shot. It is mostly induced by factors such as exercise, sunlight exposure and menstruation.

Line carving

Traditional wrinkle removal surgery generally uses surgery to perform subcutaneous peeling, excision of excess skin, and then suture lifting to achieve the therapeutic effect. The thread carving technique directly lifts the skin by implanting collagen threads. Although the thread carving technique adopts the method of implantation, it is not the same as the general injection filling and wrinkle removal products. Generally, the injection products smooth the facial wrinkles by filling, while the thread carving art lifting technique uses available The thread composed of absorbed protein is implanted into the part that needs to be lifted, and the thread is lifted to improve wrinkles, sagging and other phenomena.


After the skin condition reaches a certain age, the most common aging condition is the three or eight lines, including tear grooves, nasolabial lines caused by sagging apple muscles, and puppet lines at the corners of the mouth. The appearance of lines is due to the loss of collagen, which makes the skin lose its firmness. , the facial tissue will accumulate in these three parts along the important suspensory ligament, especially when many people have too much fat accumulation in the flesh around the mouth, the cheeks will follow the gravity, causing the cheeks to hang down on both sides of the cheeks, and the appearance looks like more old-fashioned. Skin texture improvement: skin texture is firmed, pores are reduced, brightened and moisturised.

1. The highest level of safety certification, using 0.12mm ultra-fine wire for surgery, almost no scars, the ultra-fine wire used can be safely decomposed in the human body.

2. Simple: No need to cut the skin or inject fat, it can achieve the dual effect of having elastic skin and face lift.

3. Fast: It only takes 30 minutes to see the effect after the operation. After that, collagen is proliferated, which can enhance skin elasticity and improve wrinkles.

4. Painless: Apply anesthesia cream before the operation, feel no pain, do not affect daily life, and you can put on makeup and go to work the next day.

5. Continuous fruit length, can last 3-5 years.

The enhanced effect of full face lift combined with other courses of treatment: PRP (micro-traumatic wound repair), hyaluronic acid injection (replenishing lost subcutaneous tissue) can be performed simultaneously, especially with hyaluronic acid injection, it will have a strengthening effect similar to steel + cement, and the effect will be doubled.

Lipodissolve Injection





1. The magical effect of fat-dissolving on the face: The face is a person's "facade" and the first visual impression. The East advocates the melon seed face, and small-faced beauties have become fashionable. Keeping the vitality of young skin is also everyone's homework. Fat-dissolving needles can help you solve these problems.

2. Fat-dissolving needles can be used to eliminate nasolabial fold fat: it can dissolve the fat pad or fat in the above parts, and tighten the local skin, enhance its support, improve local metabolic circulation, remove excess water in the interstitial cells, and reduce the overall Fat thickness, elimination of nasolabial folds

3. Fat-dissolving needles can be used to eliminate eye bags: dissolve excess orbital fat, and orbital diaphragm to enhance its support, while comprehensively improving eye metabolism and circulation, increasing orbicularis muscle tension, removing excess water in the interstitial cells, reducing Tighten the skin around the eyes, eliminate eye bags and smooth the skin.


1. Fat-dissolving needle, no rebound after weight loss. "Lipolysis" therapy reduces fat, not water. Build a new balance network for the body to maintain a healthy balance.

2. Non-invasive therapy has no damage to the body. Compared with traditional treatments, Korean Lipolysis Acupuncture is a non-invasive treatment method without surgery and liposuction. Eliminates the pain, uneven skin and complications of liposuction surgery for patients

3. No diet, no surgery, quick effect and lasting effect. Using the high-tech fat-dissolving principle, it can effectively block the synthesis of fat from glycogen in the human body, degrade and release fat when asked, and end the ugly fat super quickly.

4. Eliminate stubborn fat and improve skin texture. When the fat deposited in the body cannot be removed by dieting or exercise, the use of lipolysis therapy can start the body's fat metabolism, decompose excess fat, promote blood and lymph circulation, and restore smoothness and elasticity to the skin.

First of all, lipolysis injection is a non-invasive treatment. Compared with traditional treatment, lipolysis acupuncture is a non-invasive treatment method, which does not require surgery and liposuction, does not damage the body, and avoids the pain of liposuction surgery, uneven skin, and complications. Secondly, the fat-dissolving needle does not rebound after weight loss. Because "fat-dissolving" therapy reduces fat, not water, injection of fat-dissolving needles can build a new balance network for the body to maintain a healthy balance. Finally, the fat-dissolving needle can eliminate stubborn fat and improve skin texture.


1. Lipo-dissolving needles have high safety in use, and no serious allergic reactions have been found so far, but any drug cannot be guaranteed to have no side effects for patients with individual differences, and patients should fully understand this;

2. 24 hours after the injection of the fat-dissolving needle, do not touch the whole face with water or pollution, do not use cosmetics, and do not exercise vigorously;

3. For 72 hours after the injection of the fat-dissolving needle, external drugs and other irritating items should not be applied to the injection site and the surrounding areas of the injection;

4. The age group of the injection fat-dissolving needle is 20-65 years old, the onset time after injection is 3-14 days, and the effect maintenance time after injection is generally 3-24 months. Due to personal physical reasons, the surgical effect and maintenance time will be different. Patients should understand; do not drink alcohol, eat spicy foods, peppers, seafood, etc. within a week after the injection of fat-dissolving needles; try to pay attention to normal diet, do not overeating, do not eat foods with high lipopolysaccharides, and strengthen exercise to enhance physical fitness.

Hyaluronic acid

beauty care

Absorb moisture


Repair and water retention

The English name is HYALURONIC ACID, which is a transparent colloid that can instantly moisturize deeply, increase skin elasticity and tension, help restore the normal oil-water balance of the skin, and improve dry and loose skin. Hyaluronic acid is also an important ingredient in the skin and has the function of repairing epidermal tissue. When the skin tissue is exposed to UVB rays, the skin will be sunburned and inflamed, the dermal tissue will stop producing hyaluronic acid, and the decline rate of hyaluronic acid will be accelerated. Hyaluronic acid is present in a large amount in the connective tissue and dermis of the human body. It has strong water absorption and moisturizing functions. It can also enhance the skin's long-term water-holding ability. It can help elastic fibers and collagen to be in a water-filled environment. Skin appears more elastic.

Different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid have different ability to penetrate into the skin, resulting in different effects. The following table expresses the different effects of different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid (large molecular weight, medium molecular weight, small molecular weight).

Sodium Hyaluronate Molecular Weight Range Efficacy

Large molecular weight 1 800 000~2 200 000 Prevents dehydration, regenerates tissue cells, and tightens skin

Medium molecular weight 1 000 000~1 800 000 Firms the skin and moisturizes for a long time

Small molecular weight 400 000~1 000 000 Quickly hydrate with cells and maintain cell hydration

玻尿酸会在角质层逐渐形成一层富含水分的薄膜,同时向内向外输送水分 。因此,环境干燥时,还要依靠封闭剂减少它向外的水分蒸发,才能持久保湿。封闭剂可以在皮肤表面形成一层薄膜,阻止水分“跑路”,通常都比较油腻,例如凡士林、矿物油、硅树脂衍生物等。

Emollients fill the gaps between the outermost cells of the epidermis to make the skin surface smooth and soft, reflecting the efficacy and beauty of cosmetics in a short period of time. According to different intrinsic properties, it can be divided into protective, fat-free, dry or astringent.

cosmetic effect

remove wrinkles

Due to the extrusion of age, smoking, sleeping, etc., and the traction of gravity, the loss of hyaluronic acid in the skin will cause the loss of hyaluronic acid in the skin, which will gradually reduce the collagen and elastic fibers of the dermis, causing skin relaxation and facial wrinkles. Acids can effectively address many types of wrinkles:

1. Hyaluronic acid beauty is applied to frown lines (between eyebrows) and crow's feet

Excessive sunken frown lines, when injected with botulinum toxin alone, often cannot get satisfactory results, and when injected with hyaluronic acid, the effect will be even better.

2. Hyaluronic acid beauty is applied to the corners of the mouth

The lines produced when pouting, although they are dynamic lines, use hyaluronic acid to depress

Hyaluronic Acid Wrinkle Removal

If the lines are filled, it will have a good effect.

3. Hyaluronic acid beauty applied to nasolabial folds (nasolabial folds)

Elimination of nasolabial wrinkles is the most commonly used purpose of hyaluronic acid for wrinkle removal. According to the depth of the wrinkle and the position of the wrinkle, it generally takes about 2 injections of macromolecules. The injection sites include the depression of the outer nose, the nasolabial fold itself and the lower part of the outer side of the lips.

4. Hyaluronic acid cosmetic application for perioral wrinkles

Including fine lines around the mouth, that is, the dry lines around the lips caused by long-term lack of water; including the corners of the mouth, which are the places where the corners of the mouth cross when drooling, some form small bracket lines, and some form large bracket lines (the same as the nose). labial folds together).


Rhinoplasty: Although the development of rhinoplasty technology has reached a certain height, since hyaluronic acid injection has been used for rhinoplasty, hyaluronic acid rhinoplasty has the advantages of fast forming, no need for surgery, and no pain to make prosthetic rhinoplasty, etc. Rhinoplasty presents certain challenges.

Chin: The popular V-shaped face today is easy to achieve from the chin. It can also solve the problem of chin retraction.

fill face

Human aging will cause changes in the distribution of subcutaneous tissue. The temples, cheeks, orbits, eyebrow arches, and around the lips will be sunken, and tear grooves will appear. Hyaluronic acid is used for facial filling, including tear grooves, nasolabial folds, and puppet lines ( Women's three "eight" lines) are popular, and the effect is relatively good.

Lip augmentation: Generally speaking, human lips will shrink with age, and wrinkles will appear, and the corners of the mouth will also sag due to aging.

Fill the dents

Hyaluronic acid can also be used to fill some acne scars, trauma, scars caused by surgery, and asymmetry of birth defects.

skin care

Hyaluronic acid originally exists in the skin, which can help the skin absorb water from the body and the surface of the skin, and can also enhance the skin's long-term water retention capacity. When hyaluronic acid absorbs water, the elastic fibers and collagen are filled with moisture. Therefore, the skin has elasticity in the environment of the skin. However, the hyaluronic acid of the skin begins to lose after the age of 25. At the age of 30, only 65% ​​of the infancy is left, and at the age of 60, only 25% is left, and the moisture of the skin will also be reduced. With the loss of hyaluronic acid, the elasticity and luster will be lost, and the aging phenomenon of wrinkles will appear for a long time.



BOTOX(保妥适) is based on highly purified botulinum toxin type A, a blocker of nerve conduction used to treat overactive muscles. As a plastic cosmetic material, it is mainly used for wrinkle removal and face-lifting. Also a natural, purified protein that relaxes wrinkle-causing muscles for smoother, younger-looking, more youthful-looking skin. Precise injection of tiny doses of botox into specific facial muscles allows for dynamic performance. wrinkles disappear. BOTOX瘦脸针,指的就是肉毒素(Botox)注射。与用于除皱的肉毒素相比,其两者的区别往往在于剂量的不同。


1. Local injectionA型肉毒毒素Beauty, wrinkle removal and face-lifting, the effective rate is 100%, the curative effect is maintained for 5-10 months, and repeated injections are still effective; after injection, the patient's facial wrinkles become shallower and flatter, and the skin becomes smooth;

2. No systemic side effects, local side effects are mild, transient and reversible;

3. The operation is simple, safe, effective and painless.


no surgery

The biological preparations injected by Botox injection for wrinkle removal and beauty will be absorbed by the human body after a few hours. Female customers do not have to worry about side effects at all. The injection method is painless, effective, safe, reliable, simple and effective.

Fast biological wrinkle removal

Botox Injection Anti-Wrinkle Cosmetic uses a small amount of biological preparations for multi-point subcutaneous injection on the face, which can precisely eliminate dense fine wrinkles on the face in a short time, making the skin shiny and elastic.注射除皱It can effectively eliminate annoying marks on the forehead, between the eyebrows, the outer canthus of the eyes, the cheeks, the corners of the mouth, and the neck.

No need to wait

Botox injection anti-wrinkle beauty is to achieve the purpose of beauty treatment by paralyzing the wrinkle muscle and its innervating nerves with biological agents. There is no recovery period. You can go home or go to work in the office in just a few minutes, so that your beauty will be unknowingly. Shown in nature.

The dose and procedure are precise and discreet, and it is cheaper and more economical than surgery.

shape facial linesBotox is a neurotoxin that can inhibit the secretion of neurotransmitters at the neuromuscular junction, causing muscle paralysis and atrophy, thereby achieving the effect of shaping lines. Therefore, it can effectively deal with the symptoms of wide jaw caused by the over-developed masseter muscle of the face, and there are many reasons for the wide and fat face. Among them, patients with developed facial masseter muscles are suitable for Botox injection. But if it is caused by other reasons, such as excessive fat or congenital large bones, etc., liposuction or plastic surgery can be adopted according to the situation.

Create a calf shapeLike Botox's face-lifting principle, Botox injection can also effectively target the thick calf phenomenon caused by the developed calf muscles. So as to achieve the effect of correcting the leg shape. During the treatment, selective injection is given to the inner part of the gastrocnemius muscle, which is the outermost part of the back of the calf, so that the muscle strength can be eliminated and the leg circumference of the calf can be reduced.

Say goodbye to sweating Botox还有一种不为大家所熟悉的功效,就是可以有效治疗多汗症。通过注射Botox,能达到在神经末端割断乙酰胆碱的效果。从而抑制汗液分泌。治疗时,将Botox注射于两侧腋窝下,只需短短10分钟。就能有效缓解多汗症。而且,患者在治疗过程中没有太大的痛苦,也不用担心留下疤痕。一般来说,每次的注射效果大约可维持6个月左右,所以需要坚持进行!

remove foreheadBotox injection for wrinkle removal has been widely used all over the world. It is easy to operate, does not affect the work, and has no complications. The effect of Botox in eliminating forehead wrinkles is obvious, which is much better than the general wrinkle removal method. And it is simple and fast, green and seamless. It only takes 5 minutes, there is no trace after the completion, it does not affect the work, and the effect will appear after 2 or 3 days. Botox injections for wrinkle removal are quick and visible. The effect of the first injection usually lasts 6 to 12 months, and the second injection lasts longer and can be repeated.

Wrinkle and face reduction 衰老是一种自然规律,迄今为止尚未找到一种能真正预防和防止衰老的灵丹妙药。自1980年以来,美国研究应用肉毒素(Botox),治疗面部的皱纹,取得了较佳的效果,此法很快风靡欧美,并波及全世界,大受好莱坞明星的青睐。有关资料报道,A型肉毒素美容的年增长率高达142%,有专家预测和评估,A型肉毒素将成为“21世纪美容除皱的主要方法”。